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About This Laboratory

We are interested in developing efficient (and accurate) algorithms and software for computational problems in molecular biology. Many of these problems are very complicated and difficult problems. Moreover, the data in the field has been increasing exponentially (i.e., big data), due to the recent development of technologies, such as DNA sequencing, SNP typing, and NMR. Thus, sophisticated algorithm design and development are almost mandatory in the field. Our recent work includes sequence alignment, sequence database searching, gene finding, analysis of SNPs, pathway analysis, 3-D protein structure database searching, 3-D protein function prediction, and so on. Many of these problems require wide knowledge of computer science, such as combinatorial pattern matching, learning, graph theory. We believe it would be great fun to do algorithmic research in the field especially for computer scientists.
Research topics in our lab:


To be a Member of Our Laboratory

We welcome anyone who are willing to do research with us as a master course student or a ph.D. candidate. To enroll into the master/ph.D course, you need to take the entrance examination of the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo. Please take a look at these links, as these web pages provide not only the administration info but also the problems in the past exams. Please feel free to contact/visit us before applying for the exam.

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